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Chances are, if you're searching for an auto upholstery shop you're probably wondering what questions should I be asking, what should I be looking for and how do I get the best deal.  Well, this is what we hope to answer so whether you choose Sunrise Auto Upholstery & Accessories or one of our competitors you'll know you made an informed choice.
Mobile upholsterer's literally come and go. Don't be left unable to contact a "professional" because he's rolled his shop up and out.
Since your vehicle matters, consider where you're going to leave it for a job. Is it somewhere you feel good about? Is the shop insured? Is the shop clean? Is the location safe? Were the people there knowledgeable?
If left overnight, will your vehicle be parked inside or left outside?
Find out how the shop will do a repair. For instance, if there's a hole worn into you seat will they be repairing springs and rebuilding the pad or just tossing a towel into the hole then covering it back up?
What's the quality of materials being used to replace or repair your vehicle? Is it comparable to what you had originally or the least expensive products available.
Is the pricing you received in line with other estimates you've received?
Have you heard of this shop before? What kind of reputation do they have re: customer satisfaction? How long have they been in business? Do they stand behind their work?
Have others in the automotive industry used this shop? Do they make referrals to them? Check with your mechanic, body shop or local dealership.


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